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Quirky's Quirks: Frew Park

This week in Quirky's Quirks, we look at the iconic Frew Park!

• Frew Park in Milton is now a popular family park and is named after the prominent Frew family.

• Robert Dickson Alison Frew a former Queensland Lawn Tennis Association President was the driving force behind the creation of the original Milton Tennis Centre in Brisbane.

• In 1915 he provided financial backing for the Queensland Lawn Tennis Association to purchase the former swamp land that was transformed into the Milton Tennis Centre.

• When Mr Frew opened the courts on 17th March 1917, he predicted the new Milton Tennis Centre would become one of the leading tennis grounds in Australia.

• And they certainly did! Milton Tennis Centre hosted eight Australian Opens and some big tennis names including Wendy Turnbull and Emily Hood Westacot, among others.

• Robert Frew served as President of the Queensland Lawn Tennis Association between 1910 and 1930 and was affectionately known as “the father of Queensland tennis”.

• The Frew family was also heavily involved in engineering around Brisbane.

• Robert’s son, Alison Eavis Harding Frew was a civil engineer and is best known for his work in designing the William Jolly Bridge.

• The bridge was completed in 1932.

• You can visit Frew Park in Milton Road and enjoy the revitalised park, with large open green space, shaded picnic areas, a large playground and new tennis centre.

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