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Quirky's Quirk: Commissariat Store

This week's Quirky's Quirk is the Commissariat Store, one of the oldest surviving buildings from the convict period in Queensland...

• Queensland’s oldest occupied building, the Commissariat Store, was built by convicts?

• The Commissariat Store is one of only two surviving buildings from the convict period in Queensland and dates back to the 1820s.

• Construction on the Store began in 1828 as a permanent Commissariat Store for the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement.

• The Commissariat Store procured, stored, and distributed goods and rations, such as food, clothing, and tools, for the penal colony.

• The original, two storey, building was completed by late 1829, with the Royal emblem of King George IV and the date of “1829” displayed over the gable.

• The building included a brick drainage system throughout the foundation, as well as an 18-foot retaining wall at the rear with a wall and gate at the front facing the river.

• The third floor, now the main entrance from William Street was added in 1913.

• When Brisbane Town was opened to free settlers in 1842, the Commissariat Store continued as a government store.

• In the 1850s the first floor was used, intermittently, for immigrants, and the ground floor for storage.

• It was renamed the Colonial Store in 1860 following creation of the Colony of Queensland. The first floor was then converted to police quarters.

• Between 1860 and 1977 the Store was occupied by various government agencies including Queensland State Archives and State Stores Board.

• The Commissariat Store is now home to the Royal Historical Society of Queensland.

• If you are interested in learning more about the Commissariat Store and Queensland’s history visit the Commissariat Store Museum located along William Street. 

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