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Laurel Gets A Strange Gift And The Reason Will Surprise You

The Brekkie Team are used to getting some freebies from work - but nothing could prepare Laurel for The Gift she received yesterday afternoon!

In a blue box addressed to Laurel was a lint roller and a double pass to the movie The Gift, and a note.

The note read: 

"To get Tiger's hair out of the bed before Troy gets home."


Laurel originally thought it was a little creepy and a bit of a joke, until she thought about it a bit more...

She had recently posted to her Twitter and Instagram about her cat, Tiger, taking advantage of napping in the bedroom while Laurel's husband Troy Cassar-Daley is away on tour...

The movie The Gift is about a man and his wife who move into a house and continually receive gifts from an old acquaintance...

We have to commend the marketing tactics of Roadshow for this ingenious promotion - even though Gary and Mark missed out!

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