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Laurel Gary And Mark's Lost Classics: In Depth

Our Gary's Lost Classics segment is one of our favourite nostalgia inducing wake up calls every morning.

So we thought we'd take it one step further, tracking down some of the people responsible for the music.

We want to know the stories behind the songs, the memories they incite and the impact that that one song had on the artist. 

Noel Geoghegan of Moonlight: The Light

Paul Evans: Hello This Is Joannie (Extended Interview)

Known as the 'answering machine song' this classic was iconic song in the late 70s. We spoke to him about his previous hits, his answering machine message and everything else that you may want to know! 

John Paul Young: Here We Go

This is one of our favourites. 14 top 40 hits. The one and only John Paul Young. Who remembers him performing this one on Countdown!

Jamie Dunn: Jamie Come Home

A Brisbane radio and TV icon. Who doesn't love Jamie Dunn. Laurel also had to check in on her son Clay, who is working alongside Jamie in radio currently. 

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