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Laurel, Gary and Mark Discover Their Doppelgangers

In light of doppelganger week, we have thrown it to our loyal fans to suggest who Laurel, Gary and Mark closely resemble. 

The response has seen some highly accurate depictions... and some not so. 

We put the call out last year and got some brilliant comparisons, but one of our new favourites is from a listener in the UK who emailed us a photo of politician Heidi Allen... We think it's a pretty close likeness to Laurel!!!! 

Laurel has also drawn similarities with the like of Courtney Cox, Lisa Wilkinson and Kate Middleton. 

Mark has a wide array of look-alikes in Wil Anderson, Ricky Ponting, Duncan Armstrong, Adam Hill and more... 

It is Gary, however, that has been a little harder to match up. While some fans have suggested comedian John Clarke and Everybody Loves Raymond favourite Peter Boyle, we need your help to find more. 

We asked Gary himself and he said the answer is obvious! A grey haired, balding George Clooney or Bruce Willis of course!

We want to increase our list and find some of the closest doppelgangers of the guys. Can you help? 

What do you think of the doppelgangers? have we missed any? 

Fill out my online form.

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Laurel, Gary and Mark's Doppelganger Week
Mark Hine Mark Hine
Duncan Armstrong Duncan Armstrong
Adam Hills Adam Hills
Fozzie Bear Fozzie Bear
Laurel Edwards Laurel Edwards
Heidi Allen Heidi Allen
Lisa Wilkinson Lisa Wilkinson
Shania Twain Shania Twain
Koo Stark Koo Stark
Gary Clare Gary Clare
Grumpy Cat Grumpy Cat
John Clarke John Clarke
Peter Doyle / Frank Barone Peter Doyle / Frank Barone
Werner Klemperer Werner Klemperer
Gary Clare's Doppelgangers Gary Clare's Doppelgangers
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Mark Hine
Duncan Armstrong via Getty Images
Adam Hills via Getty Images
Fozzie Bear via Getty Images
Laurel Edwards
Lisa Wilkinson via Getty Images
Gary Clare
Comedian John Clarke via AAP One
Peter Doyle aka Frank Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond via Getty Images
Werner Klemperer aka Colonel Klink from Hogan's heroes via AAP One
Gary self nominated Bruce Willis and George Clooney (if he was greyer and balder...) via Getty Images, Getty Images, Supplied
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