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How Ned Kelly Almost Became The Second Biggest Mass Murderer

Ned Kelly was a bushranger and career criminal. 

That's no surprise. 

But never before known facts about the infamous Aussie man has been revealed as part of a large scale investigation into his and other bushrangers' lives. 

State of the art technology has been used, alongside a group of top forensic minds, and it all comes to a front in new docu-series "Lawless'. 

Munro hosts the TV series that uncovers never before known information about Kelly, Captain Moonlite, Ben Hall and brothers Patrick and James Kenniff (who Munro is related to).

From uncovering historical arsenal, new stories and pinpointing a miner's hut beneath vegetation that holds a range of secrets... the series is not to be missed. 

Munro also reveals a foiled plan that would have seen Kelly named as one of the biggest mass murderers, second to only Martin John Bryant.

Lawless: The Real Bushrangers premieres on The History Channel on Tuesday at at 7.30pm.

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