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How Mark Seymour's Holy Grail Became A Dressing Room Anthem

Believe it or not, when Mark Seymour first started performing 'Holy Grail' with Hunters and Collectors, sport was the furthest thing from their minds. 

Jump forward to the moment Mark found himself realising when the  "strange phenomenon around that song started to erupt".

"I remember rocking up to the festival office the promotions girl had the itinerary in front of her and she said, 'Oh there's been a call come in this morning and it's very strange but we have to go to the cricket ground'.

"I just remember rocking up there and going 'What is this?', In this tent in the middle of an oval.

"Gradually, as I absorbed the ambience, I realised 'oh this is sort of a big deal, it's up here' and then I've kinda gone 'righteo we'd better rise to the occasion'.

"Then [the cricketers] came up to me afterwards and they said, 'Oh that song we sing it in the dressing rooms!'

"In the ensuing weeks I was encountering [all these people with the same stories]!"

Of course we now know that was after QLD's win at the Sheffield Shield in the cricket in the mid-90s. 

Two years after the band initially released "Holy Grail".

Mark credits his willingness to tour and really engage with his audience for his ability to still be doing what he loves three decades later. 

And don't we love him for it! 

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