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How Laurel Embarrassed Both Her Kids Clay & Jem In One Photo

Embarrassing your kids from time to time is part of the job as a parent, right? 

Unfortunately for Laurel's two kids Clay and Jem, they are embarrassed on breakfast radio! 

Jem's birthday falls on Valentine's Day and so Laurel decided to post this cracker of a Santa photo to wish her a happy 16th birthday. 

We don't know what is better, Jem in tears, cheeky Clay or an anxious looking santa. 

Regardless, Laurel recounted what happened previous to this photo one Christmas and it certainly isn't Jem that is left red faced. 

We can only imagine what shoppers in a busy Sydney shopping centre thought when they saw Troy Cassar-Daley and his ingenious parenting move when Clay needed to go to the bathroom...

Hint: It involves a bucket and spade.

Take a listen to hear the full story. 

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