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How Charles Manson's Friendship With Dennis Wilson Ended

Charles Manson is no longer alive.  

But stories of the mass murder at his hands will unfortunately live on.

 Washington Post journalist Michael Rosenwald tried to break down the fascination people had with Manson, even after being found guilty of horrific acts during his lifetime.

One such person who became fascinated with the man was in fact Beach Boys’ drummer Dennis Wilson.

“A year before the murders took place, Manson and his quote unquote family lived with and spent a lot of time with the Beach Boys’ drummer Dennis Wilson, who was really taken with Charles Manson in his way,” Rosenwald said.

“They had lots of fun together, lots of sex, the rock n roll drugs, it went on for summer and they eventually had a falling out.

In the end Manson threatened Dennis by leaving a bullet on his bed.

Even in prison it was thought that Charles was greatly feared.

The ability to pull on the puppet strings of pretty much anyone had people on edge, and rightly so.

“He was an extraordinarily manipulative guy and he was able to orchestrate these people to do things for him and ultimately murder,” Rosenwald said.

Charles Manson passed away yesterday, aged 83. 

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