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Happy 25th Anniversary At 4KQ Laurel Edwards! We Love You!

Laurel Edwards! Come on down!

We are celebrating this lovely lady's 25th year on air at 4KQ in Brisbane. 

What an amazing achievement!


There have been many laughs, perhaps a few tears and nothing but the best music across her time at the station, and we couldn't imagine anyone else in the role. 

Laurel first started at 4KQ in 1992 (was it really 25 years ago!?) and we still love waking up to her voice daily all this time later. 

We spoke to Laurel about some of her best (and most embarrassing) memories during her time working here. 

To mark the occasion we had to surprise Laurel in studio this morning - bombarding her with messages from far and wide congratulating her on the incredible feat. 

We also snuck in one special guest LIVE - her hubby Troy Cassar-Daley - and funnily enough it was also his birthday. 

The pair had a special message to share with listeners about the journey they've been on with the station. 

Also there were a number of past and present colleagues, musicians and local media personalities who couldn't resist but to congratulate Laurel on the amazing milestone. 

One celeb in particular was a video recorded by the one and only Keith Urban all the way from the USA.

WATCH Keith Urban's personal message to Laurel below: 

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Laurel Edwards 25 Years At 4KQ
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