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Gary's Lost Classic: New Seekers

Gary's Lost Classic today is the New Seekers' hit "It's So Nice" - and we can't get it out of our heads! 

Watch a live version of the pop hit from Top of the Pops in 1976. 


Woke up this morning so glad to be alive

I knew that this would be my lucky day

Waitin' and wonder just when would you arrive

Countin' all the hours you'd been away

Yes today is gonna be my lucky day.

It's so nice


nice to have you home again

And you're lookin' exactly just the way you used to look before

It's so nice


nice to have you home again

And now that you're here I know you gonna stay

You're never ever ever gonna go away


Looked at the letter I'd read so many times

Now the day had really come at last

Thought of you saving all your nickles and your dimes

But now our time was really comin' fast

We'd make up for everthing that's past.

It's so nice

nice to have you home again . . .

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