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Gary and Mark Show Laurel What She's Missing At The EKKA

When Laurel's away the boys will play... and tease their poor, sick co-host with all the things she could be doing if she wasn't bedridden.

Gary and Mark took over the Ekka today (did you see them out and about!?). 

From Strawberry Sundaes, Dagwood Dogs, the Woolworths Pavillion (yeah a lot of it centred around food, we're not going to lie!), rides, shows and animals, they made sure they got a taste of everything the show has to offer. 

If you haven't been to the EKKA yet, you have until Sunday!

There's PLENTY on offer, for all different budgets, age groups and adrenaline levels. 


Oh, and if you've always been curious how they make that ICONIC Strawberry Sundae... check out our behind the scenes video at Lick! Ice Cream from earlier this year. 

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