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Famed Astronaut Chris Hadfield Literally Reaches The Stars

Commander Chris Hadfield leaped to worldwide fame by singing David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ weightless, whilst Commander of the International Space Station.

The famed astronaut, has been to space three times, travelled through the southern lights via space ship and helped build the Russian space station Mir.

Chris spent decades training as an astronaut and logged nearly 4,000 hours in space, orbiting Earth 2,600 times.

During his multi-faceted career, he has intercepted Soviet bombers in Canadian airspace, lived on the ocean floor, been NASA’s Director of Operations in Russia, broken into a Space Station with a Swiss Army Knife, disposed of a live snake while piloting a plane, and been temporarily blinded while clinging to the exterior of an orbiting spacecraft.

Now, Chris is touring Australia in August, imparting the useful and practical lessons he’s learned throughout his remarkable career – in leadership, teamwork, collaboration, science and technology – in space and on earth.

Chris is a living metaphor for reaching the stars and in a special interview, spoke to Lauren, Gary and Mark about fear, camaraderie on the space station and what it’s actually like to be out of this world.

Chris Hadfield's speaking engagements, chronicling his experiences, will be held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in August.

Listen to both parts of the interview below.

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