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Bruce Alvey Speaks About The Closure Of Alvey Reels

After 97 years, Queensland company Alvey Reels is no longer in business.

The iconic retailer of boating, camping and fishing equipment have decided to close its doors due to rising costs, slumping sales of reels for traditional beach fishing and competition from foreign brands.

Laurel, Gary and Mark spoke to the managing director of Alvey Reels, 68-year-old, Bruce Alvey.

“It’s a changing world out there and as a few people have suggested part of our own problem is that we actually make products that last,” he said. “People aren’t used to that these days. In modern society, things fall apart and you go buy a new one.”

Alvey reels have been part of many families in Queenslad, including Laurel’s.

She remembers her Dad pulling apart the rod and laying it out on the kitchen table.

“They were so easy to maintain,” she said. “And so smooth in their action.”

Laurel also loved the fact that you can “feel” what you’re fishing and is saddened that new rods don’t allow you to do that.

“That has been our selling feature over the years,” Bruce said. “And that’s why people come back. We still reckon ours is the best system but people are just not coming into buy them.”

Bruce’s family have a big factory that they’ve built over the years and unfortunately, the cost of the factory is more than the sales.

“It’s a recipe for disaster,” Bruce said.

The response of the closure has been “mindblowing” with 700,000 people jumping on to look at their Facebook page and over 3000 people have left personal messages for the family.

“It really pulls on the heartstrings that people have so much passion for your product,” Bruce said.

Hear the full chat below!

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