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Brisbane - A Small Country Town No More

By 2031, greater Brisbane is likely to have a regional economy approaching $250 billion.

How’s that for a small country town?

The Courier Mail have launched a ‘Future Brisbane’ campaign and it’s a look at what we can expect from our growing city.

Laurel, Gary and Mark spoke to Managing director of demographics group, Bernard Salt.

“The gap, not just in demographics and in business, but in culture has closed over the last decade and will continue to close;” Bernard said. “For better or worse, Brisbane will become more like Sydney and Melbourne by 2030 or so.”

Bernard also says that three cities are “moving towards an asian or indian, even Arabic base. We are the most plastic, pliable, absorbent people on earth.”

He also said that by 2030, Brisbane will be an “Asian-esque” city, following in the footsteps of Auckland and Vancouver.

And what about infrastructure in our ever evolving city?

“We will always be chasing our tails in regards to infrastructure,” Bernard said. “Infrastructure costs an absolute fortune.”

Hear the part 1 and part 2 of our chat with Laurel, Gary and Mark below!

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