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A-Z Of Brisbane Icons: G

Today we talked all things 'G' when it comes to Brisbane Icons.

And Wednesday's Laurel, Gary and Mark's A-Z of Brisbane Icons did not disappoint!

Geoffrey Rush, the Goodwill Bridge, Grant Kenny, and the Gabba all sprang to the forefront of our minds.

The Gabba:


The first test of the Ashes Series is always played at the Gabba, and we caught up with Michael Clarke to ask why.


Michael Clarke shaking hands with England's Alistair Cooke at the Gabba on day four of the Ashes, 2013 (AAP ONE)

We also spoke to the groundskeeper, Kevin Mitchell and relived some memories of the historic ground.

Geoffrey Rush:


Grant Kenny:


Gateway Bridge:


Goodwill Bridge:


Photos: Getty, Wiki Commons, Queensland Library & Supplied.

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