• Things You Need To Know Before Schoolies

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's that time of year again when Queensland's soon-to-graduate year 12's begin planning all the fun and festivities that go with schoolies.

While most parents will feel a little dread at the thought, Andy Gourley, the Director and Founder of Red Frogs - the volunteer organisation that keeps a watchful eye over revellers, has some great tips to ease your mind!

Listen to what he had to say to Laurel, Gary & Mark above and make sure you keep the following tips in mind come November...

#1    Cook and freeze some meals so that you know your teen will at least get some food in their system

#2    Buy a slab of bottled water which can easily be chucked into a bag when your teen goes walking about town

#3    If you do buy alcohol, divide what you think (or are being told) is appropriate by four and make sure it's has a lower alcohol percentage

#4    Remind your teen to not hesitate to call an ambulance - no matter what

#5   Encourage them to keep an eye out for the Red Frog team who will be out with their trademark red frogs!

To find out more about all the great work Red Frogs Australia do check out their website redfrogs.com.


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