Laurel Edwards

Laurel Edwards has been one of the major players of 4KQ and the Breakfast Show for over 21 years. Her infectious personality and easy going nature have made her a listener favourite for so long.

Laurel was born and bred here in Brisbane, is passionate about everything to do with the city including preserving our famous history.

Laurel is also a mother of two wonderful children, a presenter on Channel 7’s “The Great South East” Sunday afternoons at 5:30pm and is also married to one of the gentlemen of country music, 20 time Golden Guitar winner Troy Cassar-Daley. Laurel is also passionate about her 70’s music and can be seen and heard bopping along in the studio each morning to her favourite songs.

Laurel has also dabbled in music too. Back in the 90’s she brought out her own album and one of her biggest singles was “Little Girl’s Dreams”, if your lucky you still may be able to find a copy in the bargain bin at your local record store!.

Each morning Laurel gives you all the latest in Entertainment News with Laurel’s Lip Goss each morning at 6:45am. Also she likes to help celebrate listeners birthdays each morning and tries to give away some cash each day in the Birthday Wheel. Plus she gives a mother’s point of view on most of the new topics and keeps you up to date with everything happening in the world!

Gary Clare

Gary Clare

“Handy” Gary Clare has also been with 4KQ’s Breakfast Show for over 20 years. He first began his career in radio out in the country at such places as Roma, Toowoomba and Kingaroy before heading to ABC radio in Brisbane to produce the breakfast show there before heading over here to 4KQ where he produced the breakfast show for over 8 years before landing it in the big time on air.

Handy has also done various voice over work for many different commercial television stations and shows such as “Now You See It” and  “My Generation.

In the 8 years on air, Handy has been the funny man of the 4KQ Breakfast Show with his quick wit and humour. He has provided us with some of the most hilarious parody songs and jokes for over a decade on air. He is also the resident quiz master for the Grand in the Hand.

He is a passionate sports follower who loves his soccer, especially his beloved Manchester United. He also loves his television with his love of shows and movies from over the past few decades. 

Mark Hine

Mark Hine

Slaving over a hot radio desk for the last 22 years is where Mark Hine, anchor of the 4KQ Breakfast Show, has been for over half his life.

Well, there was a short break in 2000 when he was a staff writer for the tasteful “Hustler” magazine.

And the 8 month stint as host of the wildly successful Chanel 10 TV show - Ground Zero (broadcast most Saturday nights just before the high rating test pattern).

Radio is his passion and without it, he’d just have to survive with his collection of 80s video games and 8bit computers. (For his wife and children’s sakes let’s leave him in radio, he’s quite a sad little man without it.)

Jo Hayes

Jo has been working in journalism since 2009, after a career as a Speech Pathologist.

Jo joined 4KQ in August 2012, after a few years at Brisbane’s family station 96.5FM. She wore a number of hats at 96.5, including news director, breakfast newsreader, and breakfast show co-host.

Jo completed her journalism studies at the Queensland University of Technology, where she completed a Masters of Journalism in 2011. Her masters research topic looked at ‘the etiquette surrounding afternoon tea in modern Australia’. No surprises, Jo enjoys all things ‘afternoon tea’ – especially the baking (and eating!) of scones.  She is currently working hard to perfect her scone recipe and looks to Flo Bjelke-Peterson and Julia Childs as her role models in the kitchen.

Outside the newsroom, Jo loves spending time with her (very large) family … and feels blessed to call Brisbane home.

You can hear Jo reading the week-day breakfast news from 5am – 11am.



“Brownie” has been part of the 4KQ team for 25 years and his Coastwatch reports are relied on by those who go boating, fishing, surfing, or to the beach.  His credibility comes from growing up doing all these things in SE Qld and all those years of involvement has given him a good understanding of how different weather patterns affect coastal conditions and where best to enjoy coastal leisure in different weather conditions.

Apart from a long career providing coastal information on TV and radio and in newspapers and on the net, “Brownie” is also a qualified marine master and has for long periods operated marlin fishing charters.

Brownie’s 4KQ Coastwatch reports are heard at the following times:

Thursday & Friday: 6.35am & 5.05pm
Saturday: 6.40 & 8.40am … 12.40 & 5.05pm
Sunday: 6.40 & 8.40am … 12.40pm

Extra reports on public & school holidays

You can access coastal forecasts, current winds, tide times, weather radar, fishing and diving reports and links to surf cameras and reports 24/7 at


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