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Mark Hine

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Favourite Brisbane coffee spot? The Garage in Hawthorne – Just around the corner from home and I spend way too many hours there.

How do you have your coffee? I know this is strange for a breakfast announcer, but I don’t drink coffee. I am a ritualistic tea drinker though, nothing better than a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.

Favourite Brisbane night spot? I haven’t been out at night since 1996, so home with a cup of tea (see above for tea addiction)

Favourite nature spot in QLD? I love to ride my bike, so I guess the river loop is my favourite. The river is a great spot for a pedal on the treadlie.

Favourite weekend getaway? Love to get away to my sister-in-law’s house in Federal NSW. A lot of great rides up in the Nightcap National Park

Favourite brunch spot in Brisbane? Again The Garage in Hawthorne, like I  said, I spend way too much time there.

What would your last meal be? Pizza and hopefully I won’t have to eat it for another 50 years.

Favourite spot to spend summer? In a pool with a beer

Best way to warm up in winter? On the lounge with a movie, something with Morgan Freeman and Harrison Ford, pursued by Tommy Lee Jones maybe a bit of Ashley Judd. Is there a movie with all of that?

Favourite TV Soapie? Don’t watch them.

Favourite Reality TV Show? Survivor. The greatest reality show ever made. The Tribe Has Spoken

Favourite breakfast cereal? Vita Brits

Do you have kids? Yep, 2 of the monsters a girl and boy.

Favourite family tradition? Sunday morning Ricotta pancakes, I love to cook, my wife and kids love to eat.

Favourite smell? Mountain air.

Favourite sport to play? Road cycling & AFL

Favourite sport to watch? AFL – Go the Tigers

First vinyl you remember? Hmm can’t remember

First CD you bought? Paul Kelly, So much water so close to home, I bought the CD before I owned a CD player and got a friend to dub it to cassette.

First concert you went to? With who? I can’t really remember, but it was probably Jimmy Barnes or Icehouse and I would have gone with my best mate Mr. C

Favourite piece of technology? Anything Apple, bring on the Apple watch, I will line up for it.

Favourite song to work out to? Midnight Oil – King of the mountain, I always sing it while on my bike

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars (can’t wait for episodes 7, 8 & 9)

Marvel or DC? Neither, give me Image Comics, they do the Walking Dead, greatest comic ever.

AFL or Soccer? AFL – Go the Tigers again.

Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles

Favourite MJ song? Thriller – Just for the Vincent Price voice over at the beginning.

If you could only listen to 5 artists/bands for the rest of your life, who would they be? Fountains of Wayne, Radiohead, Eels, The Dandy Warhols & Paul Kelly.

What song has the most memories attached to it for you? To Her Door – Paul Kelly. I find myself singing it all the time, and I went past the Buttery (just outside Bangalow) while on holidays.

Next holiday destination? Somewhere sunny. Hang on I live in Brisbane, it’s sunny here!

What would your superpower be? Invisibility, I could sneak into movies for free.