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Favourite Brisbane coffee spot? I don’t go out

How do you have your coffee? Flat White

Favourite Brisbane night spot? I Don’t go out

Favourite weekend getaway? Kingscliff

Favourite spot to spend summer? Kingscliff

Best way to warm up in winter? Body heat

Favourite Reality TV Show? There are none!

Favourite breakfast cereal? Sultana Bran

Do you have kids? 2

Favourite smell? bread

Favourite sport to play? Soccer

Favourite sport to watch? Soccer / cricket

First vinyl you remember? 20 Dynamic Hits

First concert you went to? With who?  Cheap Trick and Mi Sex

Favourite piece of technology?  iPad

Favourite song to work out to? “Under my wheels” Alice Cooper

Star Wars or Star Trek?  Star Trek

Marvel or DC? Marvel. Except for Batman DC stands for Dodgy Crap.

AFL or Soccer? Soccer

Beatles or Rolling Stones? Dead heat

If you could only listen to 5 artists/bands for the rest of your life, who would they be? Sinatra, Beatles, Chisel, Stones, Beach Boys

Next holiday destination? Kingscliff

What would your superpower be?  Have people do what I want like Killgrave the Purple Man from the Daredevil comics