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See What The Adorable Kids From Love Actually Look Like Now!



It's Christmas time, so there is a VERY good chance you'll be watching Love Actually.  There are plenty of storylines, but one that is very close to all our hearts is the love story between Sam and Joanna.  Sam, a romantic, is set on making a good impression on his classmate Joanna before she moves back to the states.  It's been 12 years sinc...

Watch The Devastating Lesbian Love Story CUT From Love Actually

The Feed


Think you LOVE Love Actually? Even if you’ve seen it a million times, there’s one thing you definitely missed from the movie. It’s a scene that’s close to the director, Richard Curtis’ heart, and he was devastated to have to cut it due to other related scenes being cut. Curtis said the idea was "that you just casually met this very sort of st...

Love Actually writer reveals film's biggest secrets



Love Actually is one of those films that leaves you all warm, fuzzy and wanting to spend more time with those nearest and dearest. But is there more to this Christmas classic than we've been led to believe? In a midnight screening of the film, writer Emma Freud live-tweeted juicy major plot secrets and tied up loose ends, like what actually di...

Love Actually Actor Admits His Character Was A Stalker



You know the scene.  Andrew Lincoln's character Mark silently professes his love to Keira Knightley's character, Juliet - all the while her new husband (and his best friend) is upstairs.  But when asked about playing the role at the recent The Walking Dead mid-season premiere, he admitted he held some reservations about the character.  “I q...

Bee Gees film gets Love Actually treatment

Music News


The writer behind hit films Love Actually and Four Weddings and a Funeral looks set to write a biopic based on the lives of the Bee Gees. Richard Curtis has been tapped to tell the tale of the band of brothers who launched their musical career in Australia in the late 1950s. Bee Gees' frontman, Barry Gibb, has signed on to produce the musical...

Finally, We Discover Why Juliet Kissed Mark In ‘Love Actually’

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It’s been 12 years since Love Actually debuted on our screens, but one very big, pivotal question still remains; why did Juliet kiss Mark, her new husband’s best friend? And why were we all okay with it? One writer from The Bustle has tried to determine the answer. The question is whether or not you believe Mark is a serial creeper or a sweet...

Was Kurt Cobain actually murdered?

Music News


According to the official version of events, Nirvana front-man, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide on April 5, 1994. However a new documentary claims that the singer was murdered and his wife Courtney Love was somehow involved. Private investigator Tom Grant was hired by Love to find her husband in the days before his death. Now Grant has m...

This is What The Cute Kid from Love Actually Looks Like Now!



We fell in love with Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Liam Neeson's wise and adorable son in Love Actually 12 years ago but now the 25-year-old is all grown up.  Throwback Tux-day A photo posted by Thomas Sangster (@sangsterthomas) on Dec 30, 2014 at 2:20pm PST While he still has his young boyish looks, he has definitely changed a lo...

thats not a love song

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They may sound all lovey-dovey at first, but don't be fooled these ain't no love songs. Once you know why, you'll never listen to them in the same way again. These are the top 10 faux love songs to keep off your V-Day playlist. 10. The Police - 'Every Breath You Take' Kicking things off with this little gem, which is actually about an obses...

Courtney Love's Message to Kurt Cobain

Music News


Courtney Love wrote a heartbreaking message to her late husband Kurt Cobain on Instagram over the weekend. She posted an old photo showing Cobain, herself and their baby daughter, Frances Bean, along with the caption: “Makes me feel so sad. Our baby is all grown up now. Jesus Kurt look at her face, what on earth were you thinking..?? God I miss...

Paris' Love Lock Bridge No More

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Millions of hearts are set to be shattered on Monday if the sentiment behind the Paris love locks is to believed.  The bridge is being demolished and making way for wooden artwork along the walkway to prevent the railings being weighed down with locks.  The iconic monument in Paris, technically named Pont Des Arts, has long been considered a s...

I Love Lucy But Not That Statue

Laurel, Gary & Mark


When a statue commemorating Lucille Ball in her home town was unveiled a number of years ago no one quite expected this. It seems the statue doesn't share much of a likeness to the comedy queen and has greatly upset locals and I Love Lucy fans alike. We speak to the Mayor of her hometown of Celoron to find out his take.  What do you think? Wou...

Son Creates Beautiful Video To Help His Mum Find Love

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Alex's mum seems like a pretty cool lady, but she wants to find someone to love and share her life with. So her son decided to do something about it.Keeping it a secret from her until the big reveal, Alex captured vision of his mother at her best, her embarrassing worst and everything in between. He then compiled a beautiful video to share with...

Meet The Mad Max Stunt Doubles Who Fell In Love On Set And Married!

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New Zealander stunt Doubles Dayna and Dane Grant met on set filming Mad Max: Fury Road in the Namibian Desert in 2012.  Dayna was Charlize Theron's double and Dane was Tom Hardy's and while acting together, fell in love! The couple are now married and have a 14 month old son.  Speaking to Stuff NZ about how the relationship blossomed, Dane sa...

Brian Wilson Biopic Trailer, Love & Mercy Is Out



The upcoming Brian Wilson biopic, Love & Mercy, is slated to get its U.S. premiere on March 15 at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, but you can get a first look at the movie now by checking out a new teaser trailer that's debuted online.  The clip shows glimpses of actors Paul Dano and John Cusack portraying the troubled Bea...

Mick Jagger and Courtney Love Karaoke Duo

Music News


Mick Jagger and Courtney Love hooked up for a karaoke duet on the Oasis song "Wonderwall" at a post-Oscar bash Sunday night. A guest leaving the party described it for the British tabloid The Mirror, calling it "an absolute scream" and "a real crowd-pleaser," with guests "crowded around, clapping and singing along with them." Mick was said to b...

Paris ‘Love Locks’ Removed, But Where Do They Go?

The Feed


When you think of Paris, no doubt you think of romance. It's the place where lovers go to celebrate their... erm, love. One of the best things couples do is buy a lock and write their names on it before locking it onto the Pont des Arts to symbolise their eternal love. They then seal it by throwing the key into the Seine. Now, a call has been...

'Love Child' Set To Heat Up With A HUGE Cheating Scandal!



It's something that we have seen happen but thought was a mistake between Jim Marsh and Patricia Saunders.. But apparently, that is not the case. Matt Le Neve's characters, Jim, is to be shown cheating on his wife Dr. Joan Millar, played by Jessica Marais, as he locks lips again with Harriet Dyer's character Patty. That's right; Monday nights...

We Love Lucy… and Elise McCann

Laurel, Gary & Mark


Relive all of your favourite “I Love Lucy” moments as Elise McCann assumes the endearing character of Lucille Ball at QPAC this month. Laurel, Gary and Mark spoke to the actor about the role and reminisce on the actress and all her quirks.  Listen below to the full interview. 

Paul & Ringo At The Beatles LOVE 10th Anniversary Show

Music News


Paul McCartney last night called it “the greatest show in Vegas.”  Then again, he’s a little biased: The Beatles LOVE is about his old band, after all.  And Thursday, it celebrated its tenth anniversary. Not only was Paul there, but also Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, all of whom also attended the Cirque du Soleil show’s opening in...

This Instagram Account Will Restore Your Faith In True Love

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True love and romance still exists... who knew!?  This Instagram page is bringing soulemates and their stories to the forefront by posting photos of real life couples alongside a story of how they met! According to the page's creator Brooklyn Sherman, the premise is to bring a wholesome, positive and non-prejudiced look at love and where it al...

These Wedding-Goers Take 'Falling' In Love Literally

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We've heard that falling in love can hurt sometimes... but we always thought it was just a saying. These videos say otherwise.  Watch this hilarious compilation of couples at weddings who have legitimately 'fallen' in love.  From cringe-worthy to just completely awkward and painful, we can't look away.  Hopefully it is no indication of how t...

Mother And Son On The Run After Falling In LOVE

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It's not something you hear very often, if at all, in your lifetime but it's happening for two people in the UK and it has caused them to go into hiding to avoid a 15-year prison sentence. Kim West, 51, and Ben Ford, 32 have been in a relationship for the past two years and describe their sex as ''incredible and mind blowing'' according to Brit...

QUIZ: Which Elton John Song Is Your Love Anthem?

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" />

Baby Says "I Love You" To Thrilled Father

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Most parents are excited when their baby says 'mum' or 'dad' before their first birthday, so imagine this couple's surprise when their three month old baby seems to say 'I Love You'.  Or at least it sounded VERY similar! So adorably cute.  And his parent's reactions are just as heartwarming. 

"Love Yourself" Is The Cutest Anti-Bullying Anthem Ever

The Feed


Growing up we had 'sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me'.  Well it seems this dad has gone next level and created his own anti-bullying song. After finding out his young daughter, Nia, was being bullied at school, Khari created this song and film clip and we absolutely adore it.  While Khari said he quickly dealt w...

Bob Marley's One Love Is The Lost Classic For Today

Music News


One Love by Bob Marley is Gary's Lost Classic today, and we love these lyrics! "One love, one heart "Let's get together and feel all right "Hear the children crying (One love) "Hear the children crying (One heart) "Sayin', "Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right." "Sayin', "Let's get together and feel all right." "Wh...

Old Man’s Sweet Gesture Is What Love Stories Are Made Of

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A photo of an elderly man and his wife has gone viral for the sweetest reason. Posted on Love What Matters, a page dedicated to heart-warming stories, the woman had a moment of panic while choosing a makeup. "This husband was helping his wife choose a make-up that matched her skin tone. She was so concerned about finding the... Posted b...

Elders React To 'I Love Lucy' And It's Nostalgic

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Here's a bit of nostalgia for your day... The Fine Brothers are well known for their 'elders react videos' making them watch current music videos, playing with new forms of social media or trends popular with the younger generation.  But this week's episode sees them reminiscing about the well loved television comedy 'I Love Lucy'.  Throughou...

Why This Week Could Be Your Best Chance of Finding Love

Health & Beauty


If you're a single person, you'll know that the quest for 'the one' can be a long and tiring one. So you'll be pleased to know that this week is set to be the busiest of the year for online dating, with numbers of people looking to find love online rising significantly in January. A sign of a popular new year's resolution, or a real dedication...

World War II Veteran Set To Reunite With Long Lost Love

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A few months ago, a video went viral of a World War II war veteran reunites with his wartime girlfriend 70 years after they met. In 1944, Norwood Thomas from Virginia  met and began dating Joyce Morris. He was 21 at the time, and she was 17. They lost touch after he was sent to war and due to miscommunication, the two never reconnected. Now a...

If George Costanza Actually Had A Heart



If you're a Seinfeld fan, you'll know what we mean when we say George and Susan's relationship was anything but romantic. BUT, it seems someone out there wanted to see the heart-touching version of that “love story”. So much so they actually took the time to re cut it all for one epic YouTube video. The clip, which is now a few years old, has...

This Is Actually How You Use Post-It Notes..

At Home


Every week, we seem to be learning something new that we should have known years ago. Last week, it was how to use chopstick properly.. Our whole lives have been a lie 😮 #notameme #notadrill A photo posted by browncardigan.com (@browncardigan) on Feb 8, 2016 at 7:00pm PST Well, now it is post it notes. Which, surely we hav...

These 5 simple steps will make someone fall in love with you

Health & Beauty


Speaking to the Business Insider, psychotherapist and author M. Gary Neuman says there are 5 simple and scientifically proven steps to make someone fall in love with you. Gary says each of the steps encourages attractiveness and inspires feelings that could lead to a long-term connection. 1. Maintain consistent eye contact  Scientist Zick Rubi...

Eat, Pray, Love Author Splits From Book Lover



The author whose Eat, Pray, Love novel inspired Julia Roberts' hit 2010 movie has split from her husband. Elizabeth Gilbert met Brazilian businessman Jose Nunes while travelling through Bali and she chronicled the beginning of their love story in Eat, Pray, Love, the travelogue that was to become her bestselling 2006 book. "Because I have shar...

Baby Mimicking Mum Singing I Love You Is The Cutest!

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We couldn't get halfway through this clip without a smile forming on our faces.  This adorable bub likes to mimic her mother as she says / sings 'I love you'.  We get the feeling there are plenty of duets for these two in the future!! 

Joan Collins Auctions Off Warren Beatty Love Letters



Love letters from Warren Beatty, costumes from Dynasty and a perfume bottle from Natalie Wood are among the items Dame Joan Collins is putting up for auction. The actress will also part with fox and mink furs, costume jewellery, furniture and couture gowns when the lots go under the hammer in Los Angeles next week. The Collection of Dame Joan...

Bindi is in love!



Bindi Irwin is just a bundle of love lately! For good reason, too. The always smiling teen is killing it on the dance floor for US Dancing With The Stars, and she's in love! Her boyfriend, professional wakeboarder Chandler Powell, has been on the scene for a while - a romance that started as friendship in 2013. Bindi gushed to Us Weekly about ho...

Incredible Moment 3 Month Old Baby Stuns Parents By Saying 'I Love You'



A little one's first words are a memorable moment for every mother and father - especially when it appears that the baby is saying 'I love you'. Ted Moskalenko, from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, filmed his three-month-old son Ben saying exactly that - and posted the video onto his YouTube channel, where it's had nearly 200,000 views. In the clip,...

Is Madonna Actually Naked?

Music News


Madonna has flashed her nipples and talked about her drug use in a spread for Interview Magazine...But there is speculation over whether she is actually IS naked in the image, with her breasts looking almost TOO perfect...There is also speculation the breasts might be sillicone covers - to give the illusion she's posing nude.What do you think?...

Woman Buys Love Locket And Finds Something Unsettling Inside

The Feed


A woman went to a thrift store jewellery sale at White River Junction Listen Thrift Store in Vermont, USA and bought a heart-shaped locket and she thought nothing of it until she looked inside... What she found was completely unexpected, and she returned it to the store immediately - because it was somebody's ashes! She found a capsule inside...

Love Cheese? LOVE Bacon? This Is The Burger Of Your Dreams

Food & Wine


We're not going to lie. We would love to see someone finish this burger and still have room for dessert.  The Good Bar at Mooloolaba has come up with an epic monstrosity that is basically a bacon-lover's dream.  Not for the faint-hearted (or lactose intolerant). Introducing the 'Makin' Bacon' Burger: Housemade Bacon JamPork BellyBeef Patti...

The Declaration Of Love Above Brisbane

Laurel, Gary & Mark


Now here's something you don't see too often these days - a declaration of love above the cityline. But that's exactly what Laurel spotted when she looked into the sky yesterday afternoon. To Erik and Jade, whoever you are, we love knowing the romance is still alive! Laurel here- Look up folks of Brisbane. I think Erik ❤️Jade!!!! Poste...

This Is Young Love At Its Sweetest

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Now this is adorable.  Older brother Freddy is no stranger to public attention - boasting 3.5million twitter followers, but his nine year old little brother may not have been expecting it.  Freddy posted a text exchange between his brother and the new 'lady in his life' and it is simply the cutest.  From the awkward' are we going out' stage,...

Watch This Woman Prove How Much It ACTUALLY Takes To Break A Condom

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Ever wondered how strong a condom really is? Well, two girls have done all the hard work for you, participating in one of the weirdest experiments ever, which I can only imagine was called ‘Let’s-fill-a-condom-with-water-and-see-how-much-it-can-handle.’ Actually, it’s part of a new trend, like the ice bucket challenge, called #CondomChallenge....

35 Inspirational Messages To Love Yourself

Food & Wine


Sometimes you need a little reminder to love yourself for who you are...

Courtney Love Covers Radiohead's "Creep"

Music News


Courtney Love gave an impassioned, raw performance of Radiohead's "Creep" Tuesday night at a private party in Los Angeles. The event was held in celebration of the movie Freeheld and was hosted by producer and former 4 Non Blondes frontwoman Linda Perry. According to Yahoo, The Cult's Ian Astbury, actress and musician Juliette Lewis and pop st...

Gary's Lost Classic Is Love Is All

Music News


Made famous by the animated clip, Love Is All by Ronnie James Dio, featuring Roger Glover & Guests is Gary's Lost Classic! In 1974, Dio sang on the Roger Glover conducted and produced concept album The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast, which was based on a popular children's book at the time. The Black Sabbath front-man provided...

Is This The GREATEST Love Story Ever Told?!



Think back to ever rom com you’ve ever watched. All those fleeting glances, uncertainties, splits, reunions… all the epic love stories. Well we think we’ve found one to beat them all! It’s the story of James Corden and Anna Kendrick. Of course it’s all some fun for The Late Late Show! Think every epic love song. Every corny storyline. Every...

10 Awesome Bloopers That Actually Made The Movie

The Feed


One of our favourite things watching a DVD is the blooper reels that are included in the extras. But did you know that stack of blockbuster movies feature blink and you'll miss moments? From Indiana Jones to Back To The Future you won't believe some of the moments that actually made it to the big screen!

Aussies falling out of love with beer

The Feed


Aussies may be known the world over for their love of beer, but new data shows consumption of the amber liquid has fallen to levels not seen since World War II. The average Australian downed 4.01 litres of alcohol in the form of beer last financial year, slightly less than the 4.04 litres consumed 12 months earlier, official figures show. At j...

Facebook Is Making A Change You'll Actually LIKE!

The Feed


Well here's something that doesn't happen often... Facebook is making a change we'll actually like! After a week in which people have been forced to download Messenger in order to access their messages, not everyone's been happy with the social giant. But perhaps this will soften the blow... Because Facebook is testing a new feature which wil...

Director Confirms This Aladdin Fan Theory Is Actually True!



Can you believe that it's been 23 years since the movie Aladdin was released?  Over the years, the Disney film has been a family favourite for many.   Need a trip down memory lane? Here's the trailer:  Recently, a very popular theory about the movie was confirmed by the Director himself!  At the start of the movie, a character known as 'th...

Ice Cream Lovers, This Invention Will Actually Floor You

Food & Wine


Think you know your Ice Cream? Think again..  This extremely talented Ice Cream street vendor on Ko Phi Phi island has proven he is the MASTER of the Ice Cream with this unreal invention. I honestly think it's worth a trip to thailand for.. Watch below!   Source: Viralthread

So This Is What The ‘E’ Actually Stands For On Your Phone

The Feed


Ever wondered what the big fat letter 'E' that appears on the top left hand side on your phone screen really means?  Usually it's there because your 3G or 4G is massively letting you down.  But if you're anything like me, you probably have NO clue what it actually means!  According to Joe.ie, a resourceful person on the internet, the E stands...

7 Old Wives Tales That Are Actually True!

At Home


Old wive's tales, also known as folk wisdom passed down through families, have been used to warn, teach and scare us by ALL our mums!  Usually, as we enter our late teen years, we start to gather that they aren't so true..  However these seven wive's tales below have been proven to work and are great ones to keep in mind, always!  1. A long l...

Marriage not just about love: Liberal MP



A federal Liberal MP has asked why, if supporters of same-sex marriage say it's all about love, a person wouldn't marry their children or siblings."I love my siblings, I love my children, I love my parents, but does that mean that I should marry them?" Dennis Jensen said in parliament on Monday.The backbencher said proponents of same-sex marriag...

Who Say's Old Fashioned Love Is Dead?

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Now this is true love! A video of a man at the airport waiting for his wife at the airport with flowers AND chocolates has got us all talking about true, old fashioned love! We dare you to watch this and not get a little bit misty....!

Steven Tyler's solo "Love Is Your Name"

Music News


The official video for Steven Tyler's new single, "Love Is Your Name," the Aerosmith frontman's first foray into country music is out. Tyler shot the video just outside Nashville.  The clip was directed by Trey Fanjoy, whose lengthy resume includes several CMT Music Award-winning videos for Taylor Swift. "Love Is Your Name" recently broke into...

Boy Adopts Pound Puppy, Love Blooms

The Feed


A family in New York began visiting shelters to look for the perfect pup. After a few weeks of searching local shelters, they found a puppy that they fell in love with – Theo. He craved human friendship and attention. Three days after coming home with them, he joined their son Beau for his daily nap. Beau's mother began taking "nap" pictures...

Pearl Jam Dedicates "Love Boat Captain" to Paris

Music News


During Pearl Jam's performance in São Paulo, Brazil on Saturday, Eddie Vedder dedicated the band's performance of "Love Boat Captain" to the victims of Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris, France. "Love Boat Captain" was originally written about the tragedy that occurred during the 2000 Roskilde Festival, where nine people died after being crus...

Jackie Collins Reveals Why People Love Lucky

Laurel, Gary & Mark


Listen as we catch up with author Jackie Collins about which character her fans love and what she thinks about erotic fiction like 'Fifty Shades'...

Love Bananas At Breakfast Time? It Could Be A HUGE Problem!

Food & Wine


Healthy eating just got a little bit more complicated... Hands up who doesn't always have time for breakfast but makes sure to grab a banana when running out the door?  Or who tucks into a brekkie loaded up with plenty of fresh fruit because, you know, five-a-day and all that? Turns out that that morning 'nana is one of the worst foods to sta...

Tennis' Ball Dogs Are Hard Not To Fall In Love With

The Feed


Okay, so this may not work for ALL professional tennis games... but we love the premise.  These 'ball dogs' replace young kids acting as ball boys and girls - retrieving the tennis balls when a shot misses or falls short.  Specially trained shelter dogs are picked and taught to do the very important job. It may not be the most convenient - an...

Married At First Sight Contestant Finds Love and Remarries



Can the couples who say “I do” on Married At First Sight go the distance? It seems they can - but maybe just not with each other. Reports have come in that contestant Michelle has found her fairytale ending and is now “happily married to the love of [her] life”, according to Mamamia. Michelle was matched with James on the show, but it ultimat...

Mark Zuckerberg Is Officially A Dad!! And We Love The Name!!



Congratulations to Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan on welcoming a baby girl into the world.  Following suit of many celebs, the pair have opted for a gender neutral name and we love it. Baby Max was born on December 1 and the couple announced the news on Facebook (duh!). The announcement was accompanied by an extensive letter to their...

An Abused Dog Gets Love For The First Time

The Feed


At a Dog Shelter in Romania, dog rescuer Monica Mitreanu shows love to an abused puppy for the first time. If this doesn't break you I don't know what will. From the YouTube description: The woman will approach the dog to pet her. Very fearful, the animal will start screaming and crying. But after a few long seconds, he will eventually calm...

Broad would love Aussie to win Ashes



There are many different qualities that earned Trevor Bayliss the right to coach England.Bayliss has a wide range of coaching experience to call on, adopts a relaxed approach and exhibits a sense of calm when the heat is on.He's also the first Australian coach to mentor England, which excites Stuart Broad."I love the fact he's Australian and cou...

We Love This Mum's Post Partum Body Confidence!

The Feed


This New Zealand mum is fighting against the expectation for new mums to "bounce back" to their pre-birth body. Julie Bhosale, a nutritionist from New Zealand, documented her postpartum body after giving birth to her second son in January. She posted the beautiful pics to her blog. "I really struggled with all the body changes I went through...

Lou Reed's Final Labour Of Love To Be Released

Music News


A box set of sixteen of Lou Reed's solo recordings will be released in October. The RCA & Arista Album Collection spans the late Velvet Underground frontman's albums between 1972 and 1986, according to editors at Rolling Stone. Lou's musician wife Laurie Anderson confirmed the iconic rocker spent months prior to his death in 2013 remastering ea...

Guess Which Weatherman Says He Can’t Actually Read The Weather?

The Feed


Being a TV weather forecaster doesn’t seem like the easiest of jobs. There’s complicated charts, massive amounts of information to be covered in a really short space of time and all with a smile on your face! So it came as a bit of a surprise to hear that one very popular weatherman has admitted he can’t actually read the weather! Sunrise wea...

You Can ACTUALLY Visit The Resort from Dirty Dancing!!



What a time to be alive! We’ve just discovered that it’s possible to visit and STAY in the place where they shot Dirty Dancing! Yup, it’s a real operational resort called the Mountain Lake Resort and best of all they host three Dirty Dancing weekends every year. (imagine trying THAT famous lift in the actual lake where it was filmed - GOALS!)...

How Often You Should ACTUALLY Be Washing Your Sheets

Health & Beauty


Do you have any idea what’s on your bedsheets? Oh, not much. Just millions of skin cells, a tablespoon or so of sweat and HEAPS of make-up. Unless you’re a tanner, in which case the situation is FAR more dire… According to a report on Debrief Daily, you should be washing your sheets WEEKLY. Why? Well by the end of the week there’s sure to b...

You Can Now ACTUALLY Buy Bacon-Scented Underwear

The Feed


Bacon received a lot of bad press in 2015, but that hasn’t stopped the team at J&D’s capitalising on people love for bacon. J&D’s have a website that sell some very interesting products, which are all Bacon related. They stock everything from Bacon flavoured mayonnaise all the way through to Bacon-Scented Underwear....Yes, you read that last on...

Why this photo blew up online

The Feed


A Man on Imgur (username: chickenismurder) is single handedly restoring everyone's faith in love. He posted a super sweet creepshot of his girlfriend sleeping next to a pile of textbooks. The picture looks like nothing special, and if it weren't for the INSANELY ADORABLE caption, she'd probably be mad about this weird sleeping picture of her...

52-Year-Old Woman Actually Looks 20-Something, Here's Why

The Feed


This 52-year-old woman looks like she's in her 20s - and often gets mistaken for her son's girlfriend! Pamela Jacobs, from Leeds in the UK, is often told she's lying when she reveals her age - but puts her youthful looks down to healthy eating and using coconut oil for just about everything. She is often mistaken for a woman in her late 20s, b...

Bride Actually Asked Bridesmaids To ’Chip In’ For $10k Wedding Dress

The Feed


A wedding can bring out the best and the worst in people, that much, we know. But I think we can all agree that one bride took it too far. For the sake of the story we’ll call her ‘Carol’, and ‘Carol is pretty much the worst. Between asking her bridesmaids to supply Excel spreadsheets with cake makers’ details to making them ‘contribute’ to he...

We Love Crazy Cakes

The Feed


Here's another collection of amazing cakes that have no doubt taken countless hours to create before being devoured in a matter of minutes!

Gary's Lost Classic: Long Live Love by Olivia Newton-John

Music News


Long Live Love by Olivia Newton John is Gary's Lost Classic. It was the British entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, in Brighton, United Kingdom. She made the finals in that show, but Sweden won that year with ABBA. We tracked down a video of the live performance at Eurovision and she sounds amazing. Top Photo: Getty

20 Home Remedies That Actually Work

Health & Beauty


These life hacks can help with acne to fatigue to UTI's to headaches and everything in between! For serious health issues though, we recommend putting down the herbs and asking a doctor's professional opinion.

How Frozen And Tarzan Are Actually Related!

The Feed


The creators of Frozen held a Reddit AMA that revealed that the Tarzan and Frozen worlds are more connected than we first thought! Director of both movies, Chris Buck, explained that Anna and Elsa's parents (who were on their way to Tangled's Rapunzel and Flynn's wedding) were thought to have died in a shipwreck. In the AMA a fan asked: "Where...

Scarlett Johansson's Avenger's Rom-Com Is The Ultimate Love Story



Could this be the ultimate date movie - a superhero romantic comedy? While it might be a parody, we're kinda loving the hilarious spoof trailer starring Scarlett Johansson for Black Widow: Age of Me. While it always seems to be about the boys when it comes to superhero flicks, this SNL spoof focuses on Johansson's Avengers character - Black Wi...

Katherine Heigl And Alexis Bledel To Star In Lesbian Love Story

The Feed


Timed in with the announcement that the USA was legalising gay marriage comes a movie starring Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel like you have never seen them before.  Titled 'Jenny's Wedding' the trailer was released this week and depicts a story of love, family and ditching conservative stereotypes.  The independent film has been under the r...

Love To Drink Beer & Travel? We've Got a Job For You!

The Feed


Love beer? Love to travel? Keep reading! This may be of interest... The National American History Museum in Washington, DC, is offering a job of a lifetime.  A three year contract on US$64,650 per year to travel America drinking craft beers. Of course there is a catch... Not any self-confessed beer connoisseur can successfully apply. Th...

Corden Proves Why We Love Him So Much With Tony's Opening



James Corden has opened the Tony Awards with a message of love following the tragic shooting which killed more than 50 people at a gay nightclub in Florida. Before kicking into the planned show performance, Corden told the audience that hate would never win in a pre-recorded segment. "Our hearts go out to all of those affected by this atrocity...

You Actually Won’t Be Able To Stop Watching 7 Hours of Henna in 90 Seconds

The Feed


It's very rare that a video promises to be amazing and actually is. However, this one has amazed us as it is truly enchanting. It's seven hours of Henna tattooing sped up in to 90 seconds. We aren't sure what the occasion is but the end result hints to the woman getting married. Whatever the occasion is, this is the best video we have seen i...

Billy Connolly Ive Got Cancer And Parkinsons

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Legendary funnyman Billy Connolly has appeared in a new video for Comic Relief in the UK, to encourage viewers to donate in support of those affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia. “Hello, Billy Connolly here asking for your cash. Not for me obviously. I’ve got cancer and Parkinson’s and I definitely need a haircut,” he began. Connolly then intr...

Why We Love Eddie Izzard

Laurel, Gary & Mark


From the big screen to the stage, there's no denying Eddie Izzard is one funny man! As the English comedian prepares for his Australian tour, we caught up with him to find out what fans can expect, and how introduced Laurel's kids to a whole new language! Wondering about the video Laurel was talking about? Watch it below... WARNING: The fol...

Love Maccas? How About Wearing It?

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Can't get enough Big Mac's in your life? Well now you can wear your favourite burger thanks to the McDonald's fashion line which has launched in Sweden. From tights to jackets, jumpers and even gum boots, the range doesn't just stop there. You can also dress up Fido, update your bedding and redecorate your walls with the Big Mac print!...

The Office Fans Are Going To LOVE This News!



Office fans get excited because David Brent is back! Ricky Gervais’ alter-ego is returning to the screen for the movie David Brent: Live On The Road. And if the trailer’s anything to go by, it’s going to be everything we could hope for… plus more! On tour with his band, Foregone Conclusion, we can promise he’s just as awkward on stage as he...

Cindy Crawford's Daughter Is Actually A Clone Of Her Mum

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They say that sometimes good looking parents make not so good looking children. It's like the genes are just so amazing that they can't handle it. That is certainly not the case for Cindy Crawford and her daughter, Kaia Gerber. In fact, they well and truly blow that theory out of the water. The 13-year-old is absolutely stunning, just like h...

The Reason This Selfie Went Viral Is Actually Pretty Amazing

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This selfie has gone viral for all the right reasons. Shannon and Chris Neuman posted a divorce selfie, and explained that they wanted it to be a message for their kids. Divorce is never easy, but this ex-couple are making it look fun! They said that the decision to divorce was difficult but ultimately it was for their kids. The Canadians we...

Why Sleeping In Could Actually Be Killing You

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A new study has revealed that too much sleep will SHORTEN your life.  While you may have believed that Sunday morning sleep in is a great way to rest up and catch up on sleep you missed during the week, it may be time to reconsider.  A new study from the University of Sydney found that those who oversleep (adults sleeping more than nine hours...

13 Kids Riddles That Are Actually Surprisingly Hard

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Think you're pretty smart? Can you solve these surprisingly hard riddles for kids?

How Much It ACTUALLY Costs To Lease A Car



If you've ever done pre-car purchasing research, you would've found A LOT of advice about buying cars, but very little about leasing them.  According to IHS Automotive, a quarter of all new-car buyers lease their vehicles. For luxury car shoppers, more than half of all drivers with a new Lexus, BMW or Mercedes-Benz are leasing their new cars....

Charlie Sheen's "Tiger Blood" Was Actually Testosterone Cream



In an upcoming interview on The Dr. Oz Show, Charlie Sheen admits testosterone cream was behind his frequent rants in 2011 that gave birth to his catchphrases like "Winning!" and his ill-fated "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour. Sheen, who recently admitted he's HIV positive, will tell Dr. Mehmet Oz Wednesday that much of the actor's very public m...

This Cruise Ship Is Actually So Big It’s Scary



Introducing Harmony Of The Seas, the biggest cruise ship ever made.  In fact, the ship is SO big, you'll need a GPS to locate your room... not joking!  The ship weighs 227,000 tons and has a whopping 18 decks.  According to the Daily Mail, the cruise ship made it's first voyage last week, a trial run before it opens to the public in May....

Duchess Kate's Xmas Gift To The Queen Was Actually Adorable!

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Buying for your relatives is always a daunting task, especially if your grandmother-in-law is The Queen of England. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, being the most perfect human ever, decided to give Queen Elizabeth II a jar of homemade chutney for Christmas. Is that not the most humble and adorable thing ever? She spoke to iTV earli...

This Period Tracking App ACTUALLY Sends Tampons and Chocolate

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The Monthly Gift period tracking app is so great at knowing your intimate time of the month you'll feel like the app is your mum, your best friend and your boyfriend or husband at any time during the month.  A woman can average between 450 - 500 periods over the course of her life and the entire cycle lasts a month. So, every month daughters ar...

This Beckham Child Is Actually The Next Justin Bieber



Yesterday, Victoria Beckham uploaded a video of her youngest son, Cruz, who is now 11. 11! MIND BLOWN RIGHT? Well, if that got you, wait until you hear him sing. He chose to belt out Twista and Faith Evans’ 2005 hit Hope and he resembles a young Justin Bieber as he sang to the camera. Everyone is predicting that with a little fine-tuning t...