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Zombie Drug About To Hit The Streets In Australia

NSW Police are warning about the arrival on our shores of Krokodil, a flesh-eating drug that left a trail of “zombies” in its wake when it ravaged Russia.

The drug, also known by its medical name Desomorphine, was sold freely over-the-counter in Russia until 2012 with an estimated one million people using it at the peak of the drug's popularity.

It is ten times more powerful than morphine and more potent and cheaper than heroin.

The skin on users’ limbs, where the drug is injected literally peels and becomes scaly like a crocodile’s skin as it rots the flesh to the bone leaving its users looking like Zombies.

A senior police source told news.com.au it was only a matter of time before the drug made it on to Sydney streets.

“I’ve been tracking it as it’s been coming down. It hasn’t made it here yet but it’s only a matter of time,” he said.

“What’s so scary about it is the precursors are readily available and they can cook it up at home, you don’t need sophisticated clandestine labs — and it’s more addictive than ice. It’s two years from addiction to death.”

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