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Woman Plunges To Her Death After Tripping Over Thongs

It was Lorena Barrera’s first day living in Los Angeles when she decided to take a photo at a popular tourist spot.

Sadly it would be her last.

The 21-year-old was with friends at Point Fermin Park when she decided to get a closer view of the ocean.

Climbing over a metre high wall, Barrera edged closer to the edge of the cliff which had cost two others their lives the week before.

As she made her way across, the Nevada local tripped on her thongs, falling 30 metres to her death.

According to ABC7 LA, Barerra was found at the base of the cliff where she had fallen onto the rocks below.


A Los Angeles Fire Chief told the station her friends tried their best to save her.

“The two people she was with made an effort but they lost her grip and she fell,” he said.

Officials say the cliff causes around a dozen accidental death each year because people try to get too close to the edge.

Barrera’s friends have described the great pain her death has caused on a GoFundMe page.

“She passed over in such an unexpected and horrific way,” they wrote.

“She was only 21 years old had such a bright future ahead of her.”

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