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Why Movie World Is Being Sued For Half A MILLION Dollars

Growing up as a kid in Australia, no doubt you were always fascinated with the theme parks on the Gold Coast.

They’re the closest thing we have to Disneyland (so far) and it’s always WAY too much fun. But for one woman, it wasn’t all that fun.

She is actually suing Movieworld $500,000 after she stood on an elevated flowerbed, stepped off and injured herself.

The woman claims that staff failed to warn her about standing on the flowerbed and that it should have been signposted or cordoned off.

According to a report on Yahoo, court papers filed in Brisbane’s District Court state Ms Geragotelis climbed onto the flowerbed in order to get a better view of the parade at the theme park.

Ms Geragotelis' suit claims other patrons had surrounded the flowerbed, preventing her from egressing from the platform.

She then stepped backwards and down from the platform but lost her footing in the process, causing her to fall and injure herself.

The fall caused her cervical and lumbar spine injuries, injury to her left wrist, concussion as well as shock and pain, her claim in the papers filed Friday states according to Yahoo.

She claims she has and will continue to suffer as a result of the injuries and is suing Village Roadshow Theme Parks for $514,174 to cover past and future medical costs, pain and suffering and economic loss.

Movie World is yet to respond.

Source: Yahoo

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