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WATCH QLD Police Officers Save Elderly Man From Burning Car

Two Queensland police officers who risked being caught up in a fiery explosion repeatedly bashed at the windscreen of a burning car to save an elderly driver.

Senior Constable Kevin Mayo and Gympie Constable Jeremy Gardiol refused to give up on the 73-year-old man as flames took hold of his car after it rolled and came to rest on its side at Gympie on Wednesday morning.

"I think I hit that thing at least at 30 times before I got that first hole in. It seemed like an eternity," Sen Const Mayo told the Nine Network on Thursday after footage of their heroic actions surfaced.

"Halfway through smashing through it started to cross that line between brave and stupid and I started to think we gotta get out of there.

"Obviously thinking of the kids at home. Its like well he's in there, (we've) got to get to him."

Gympie Constable Jeremy Gardiol said soon after they dragged the man to safety the vehicle went up in flames.

"It's a split second thing sort of thing, adrenalin takes over," he said.

"Within about a minute the flames had gone through the whole vehicle."

A good Samaritan also helped the officers by clearing the smashed glass with his bare hands.

The officers visited the 73-year-old in hospital where he is recovering well.

"He's a very lucky man," Sen Const Mayo said.


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