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Uber App Has MAJOR Attitude Towards QLD Gov & Katter Party

Uber is not happy with the QLD government and the Katter's Australian party today. 

The Katter's Australian Party's private member's Bill passed yesterday through parliament which now gives transport inspectors the authority to fine Uber drivers up to $2356 - and administrators could see fines up to a whopping $23,560. 

So as a response to the government's new legislation, Uber have added a third option to their app.

Now you can choose from Uber X, Uber Select and a brand new 'Katter' option... 


Queensland users are also greeted by an option to have their say as they first open the app. 

Definitely some attitude and sass in this message. 


Thankfully once you've bypassed the first two opening messages, you can go back to using Uber as per normal. 

Uber Qld's General Manager Sam Bool spoke to news.com.au about the vocal stand the company was making. 

“We are astounded that a government that claims to be pro-jobs and pro-innovation has taken such a backwards step for Queensland," Bool said.

“They have undermined the credibility of their own review process to appease Mr Katter, who continues to threaten the state’s leaders to get his way.

“We will continue to stand by our driver-partners and riders and fight for their choices, especially when their government clearly has no interest in doing so.”

The uproar comes after other states in Australia are pushing towards legalising the ride sharing app. 

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