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Two Police Injured After Being Rammed By Stolen Ute

Two police officers have been assaulted after a stolen ute crashed head-on into their stationary car southwest of Brisbane.

Police say the senior constables were waiting for a tow truck to collect a stolen car at Collingwood Park on Monday night when a ute that was driving on the street accelerated suddenly and hit the marked car.

When the officers tried to restrain the ute driver, a number of people from a nearby house allegedly ran at the senior constables and assaulted and blocked them.

Backup arrived and five people were arrested - three females aged 16, 20 and 35, and two males, aged 16 and 19. The ute driver managed to escape.

The two police officers were taken to hospital to have arm injuries treated and have been discharged.

A 20-year-old Redbank Plains woman is due to appear in the Ipswich Magistrates Court on May 15 charged with seriously assaulting police.

A 19-year-old Collingwood Park man is scheduled to also appear on a charge of obstructing police.


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