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TWO Bombs Have Exploded At A Popular Thailand Tourist Spot

A woman has died and at least ten people have been injured after two bombs exploded in a popular Thai tourist resort.

The explosives, believed to have been placed in plant pots, went off in the Hua Hin resort.

Reports on social media have suggested that two British men are hurt, among nine injured foreign tourists.

The second bomb went off near a bar at about 10:20pm, killing a Thai woman and injuring eight foreigners and another THau person, local deputy police chief Samer Yousamran said.

The injured are being treated at a local hospital.

Writing on Twitter, charity founder Edwin Wiek said: 'At #HuaHin hospital. Seems 5 foreigners injured, 2 british, 3 of unknown nationality.'

He later added: 'Latest update: #Huahin #bomb total 23 injured, 1 dead. At least 9 foreigner under the injured.'

The first bomb went off about twenty minutes earlier about 55 yards away from the second bomb. Nobody was injured in the first explosion.

Police are investigating the explosion and do not not know the motive or identity of the bombers.

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