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Tiny Mistake Leads To The Demolition Of The Wrong House

This quite possibly one of the most unfortunate stories you'll read today.

After a 15 year old mix up, a Sydney man had his home demolished by mistake yesterday. As seen on last night's episode of A Current Affair, home owner Steve Ballas bought his Bankstown property 15 years ago with the address of 200 Marion Street.

However, it turned out that Ballas' property was infact 198 Marion Street, and that the number on the letterbox was incorrect. The real number 200 property was the one that the councili had approved to be demolished.

Unfortunately, the demolition workers only looked at the letterbox numbers and didn't perform any further checks on the property before flattening the wrong house.

"It was all done without my approval," Steve Ballas said on A Current Affair. "All I know is I thought I owned 200 Marion Street, Bankstown, and it was a little house I was going to rent. But obviously I don't have that house anymore."

Photo: A Current Affair

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