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Three Year Old Tragically Killed By Falling Bookcase

A family in rural Victoria is in mourning after a freak accident has claimed the life of their precious three year old son.

Toddler Blake Shaw was killed when a freestanding bookcase fell on him as he sat on the floor of the family's farmhouse at Clear Lake near Horsham.

Blake's father Tim Shaw told the Herald Sun that he and his partner Kirstie were coming to terms with the shocking accident.

“The worst thing the kid ever did was smile, we moved for the kids.”


Grandmother Dianne Shaw said she had taken Blake to the beach on the day of the accident.

“He had a beautiful day — he called me ‘grandma’ for the first time,’’

“We are devastated. Just devastated. He was our baby.”

Investigations have begun into why the bookcase had fallen as it appears that Blake was not climbing on or even close to the structure at the time of the accident.


“He was adored,’’ Ms Shaw said.

“He was a beautiful-looking child,” Ms Shaw said.

“He was an angel.”

Herald Sun

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