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Queensland Learner Driver Test Is Getting A Shake Up

Say goodbye to the written 30 question multiple choice test to get your Queensland Learner's Permit the day you turn 16. 

A brand new electronic learning module is being trialled across the state to replace the old system. 

After studies show that more than 30% of people failed their written learner test, officials are questioning the current system whereby participants study a booklet of road rules before attempting the test. 

The new system, PrepL, would be a lot more comprehensive, including 380 minutes of challenges and activities to ensure students are learning and understanding the material thoroughly. 

Brisbane based tech company, Croomo, have been called upon to develop the project in conjunction with the Queensland Government. 

“Students don’t just learn the road rules with PrepL, they learn why it’s important to have the right attitude and, in a virtual environment, they experience the consequences of poor driving,” Croomo Chief Growth Officer Daniel bermingham told News.com.au.

“The current system is archaic. Instead of the traditional testing environment (PrepL) is now educating them too.

“Young people are very comfortable with technology and we believe they will enjoy the PrepL experience, while gaining valuable knowledge.”

Anything that helps prepare young drivers is A Okay with us. 

Do you think the new system should be rolled out across the state? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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