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The QLD Government Want Us To Set The Air Con To 26 Degrees

The Queensland Government have caused a stir upon releasing their latest blue print aimed at preventing Summer blackouts this year. 

While some recommendations from the report seem reasonable - restricting pool pumps, asking businesses to turn off shop lights when not in operation - others have people blowing up.

Namely the request that all businesses and residences restrict the use of air conditioning or alternatively put it no lower than 26 degrees. 

Yep, that's right... 26 DEGREES.

Considering this Spring has been one of the warmest in years, we can only expect to swelter during Summer. 

So we're not sure how that new recommended limit will go down. 

Two degrees lower than the normal recommendation of 23 or 24 degrees. 

Will you stand by these new rules if they come into play? 

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