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Incredible Way Sound Of Music Cast Honoured Charmian Carr

One month after the tragic passing of Sound of Music actress Charmian Carr, the original cast of the hit Rogers & Hammerstein musical have gathered to honour their late "sister".

Touchingly, the group call themselves "The Sound of Music 7", and took to Twitter to share a beautiful photo of the moment they raised a toast to "reminisce". 

The front row comprises, left to right, Heather Menzies, who played Louisa, Nicholas Hammond, who took on the role of eldest boy Friedrich and Debbie Turner, who played little Marta, while the back row sees Angela Cartwright, who you may recognise as Brigitta, Duane Chase, or Kurt, and the baby of the group, Kym Karath, who played Gretl.

While it has been more than 50 years since the film's release, the original cast are still incredibly close.

Kym also shared a snap of the evening, captioning it: "A special evening with my SOM siblings, remembering our precious sister Charmian."

And in response to Angela's Instagram post of the six raising a glass to "our comrade with love", Nicholas Hammond, who now lives in Australia, shared one more heartwarming detail from the nostalgic evening.

The SOM 6 toast our comrade with love. ❣️#thesoundofmusic #thesom7

A photo posted by Angela Cartwright (@acstudio9) on

"Even Debbie had a Cosmo, as pink was Charmian's favourite colour," he wrote on Twitter.

Charmian died of complications arising from a rare form of cancer on September 18 this year; she was 73 years old. 

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