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HUGE Reason Why Everyone Thinks Prince Harry Is To Propose!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived in Africa on Friday for a romantic safari to celebrate the Suits actress’ 36th birthday.

One of Meghan’s friends has told The Mirror newspaper that the “engagement is expected to happen very soon”.

The loved-up pair has been together for a year now and rumours have been circling they may be about to tie the knot.

The latest trip is seen to the ideal opportunity for the Prince to pop the question, with a source telling The Sun “Harry has been planning this holiday for a long time”. 

“He’s made the trip incredibly romantic. They’ll go on boats across the lake, walk in the bush at dawn and camp under the stars.

“Who knows what will happen when they’re watching a sensational African sunset together? Maybe he’ll get down on one knee.

The couple’s holiday destination — hugely popular for engagements and honeymoons — will only heighten speculation the prince, 32, is about to propose.

“I know it seems a lot to be talking about after a year but when you know, you know. They knew they loved each other very early on,” a source close to Meghan told the Mirror.

“From conversations Meghan has about Harry, you can tell it’s incredibly serious and the things her and Harry talk about now are very much future-focused.

“Everyone is expecting an engagement to happen very soon. Every time she comes back from England there’s this urge to be like, ‘So, did it happen?’.”

Harry is currently fifth in line to the throne and would have to ask the Queen’s permission before marrying.

An engagement would also be kept secret until staff have made preparations for a major announcement.

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