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The Flood Map Error That Could Have Cost You Thousands

We’re being told an error in Council’s flood maps could have cost Brisbane property owners thousands.

Brisbane City Council opposition leader Peter Cumming has blasted the LNP, claiming the alleged errors had impacted on property prices and insurance costs.

In a council meeting, Cr Cumming said there were more than 4,480 errors in the 2014 Brisbane City Plan.

It comes as thousands of residents have their flood risks downgraded and removed.

According to Quest News, the errors were revealed when an amendment of typographical and mapping errors and the removal of redundant terms in the council plan was presented.

“These errors have seriously impacted on the value of people’s properties; in some cases have caused sale contracts to fall over,” Cr Cummings said.

In total, 3,738 properties will have their flood risk downgraded, with 2,316 to have it completely removed.

A further 742 properties have been found to have a higher risk of flooding.

Cr David McLachlan has accused Labor of trying to incite fear and panic.

He said the plan is purely a case of updating flood information that is more than a decade old. Not about fixing errors.

The new catchment study reassessed the risk to 6,200 properties in what has been called the most comprehensive flood risk analysis ever available.

Those residents who will be impacted by the changes will be contacted by mail this week. The information will be available online from September 9. 

Photo: AAP

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