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The Bizarre Thing You May Now Have To Do In An Emergency

Summer is drawing closer in Australia, and as our weather starts to get hot and dry, the risk of fire danger increases. As firefighters are currently battling out of control fires in NSW, Australians have been reminded to 'watch and act' this summer. 

Our natural instinct when reporting an emergency is to call 000, explain the situation and hope that emergency services will attend to your issue - ASAP. No time wasted!

Whether it's a bushfire or a small fire in your kitchen at home - if you find yourself in the middle of an emergency and need to call the fire brigade, there's a chance that in the future emergency services may soon ask you to send a video of your situation. 

Yes, emergency control rooms may get you to stream live footage at the scene of an incident! Good thing nearly all of us have smartphones these days.

A live-streaming app technology called '999EYE' is being tested by Midlands Fire Services in the UK and could be adopted by other emergency services in the future. 

The live-streaming web app sends the 000 caller's smartphone a live-streaming link via text which if clicked allows the public to send footage or images from their location.


(Image: 999EYE)

Reports say the link is one-use only and includes the caller's GPS coordinates, which the fire brigade hope could lead to quicker 000 response times.

Experts say that in addition to fire and rescue services, this technology could advance the way 000 calls are reported are reported and dealt with by the police, ambulance services and maritime emergency services. Which we think is awesome! 

Testing is currently under way, and a date to officially launch has not yet been decided. 

Do you think we should adopt this technology here in Australia? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. 

Source: Daily Mail Main Image: Getty/AAP

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