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Some Tradies Could Be Receiving Back Pay

Electrical apprentices are being urged to check their hourly rate because they could be eligible for a massive back pay claim, says the union.

The Electrical Trades Union estimates as many as 1000 apprentices employed in Queensland Group Training Organisations could have been wrongly paid under the State Award since January 2014.

ETU Apprentices officer Scott Reichman said a Fair Work Commission ruling last week placed all apprentices under the nationwide Modern Award of $12.66 an hour and not the Queensland State Award of $8.75.

"It has now been proven this is the wrong award, and we want to ensure our most vulnerable workers are being paid the correct rate," Mr Reichman said.

"We encourage any apprentices who are unsure whether they are being paid at the right rate to contact the ETU office as soon as possible to begin pursuing their entitlements."

Mr Reichman said some apprentices may be entitled to back pay dating to January 2014.


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