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Huge Snake Used To Get Confession From Suspect

Indonesian police have apologised after officers used a fricken snake to terrorise a bloke suspected of stealing mobile phones.

A video of the interrogation session, which occurred in the easternmost area of Papua, has since gone viral.

To make him confess, an interrogator can be seen draping a snake over the handcuffed man, who is yelling in distress.

The suspect, writhing on the ground in fear, is asked how many times he has stolen mobiles, to which the suspect says, “only two times.”

At one point there was a threat to put the snake in the suspect’s mouth and down his pants.

In a statement, local police chief Tonny Ananda Swadaya issued an apology, saying, “The investigator was not professional in doing his job.”

However, still pretty much defended the technique, saying that officers had been acting on their own initiative to get the confession and the snake wasn’t venomous.

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