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Sarah Wilson Closes 'I Quit Sugar' Brand After Seven Years

Sarah Wilson, the founder of mega foodie community 'I Quit Sugar' has today revealed that she will be closing IQuitSugar.com.

In a statement, Sarah said:

"I have some big news and it’s important to me that I share it with you first. After a lot of careful thought and much heartache, I’ve decided to close IQuitSugar.com.

"As many of you know, the IQS journey started at a time in my life that had given me cause to re-evaluate what mattered in life. From this place I decided to (re)build my life according to certain values. These values went on to steer the IQS message as well as the business."

After seven years of the "movement" and five years into the business, Sarah feels that her "work in the realm is done".

"I set out to educate the world about the truth of our eating habits and to find a technique that could shift things in a meaningful way," she said.

Her decision to close has come from a personal and professional space, to which she feels she can no longer give the time to a company that requires constant nurturing.

"I believe I have a lot more to create and a lot more education campaigns to ignite. The anxiety discussion, the food-waste movement…this is where I need to be."

All the best to Sarah and her future endeavours!

The last chance to sign up and take part in the program, that has got 1.5 million people off sugar worldwide, will be in early April. Sign up at www.iquitsugar.com.au

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