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REVEALED: How Borce Ristevski Tried To Avoid Police

Borce Ristevski has revealed how he attempted to dodge investigators after KILLING his wife. 

Ristevski changed his mobile number twice as the investigation closed in on him. 

The Herald Sun is reporting recently surfaced evidence revealed phone conversations between "a paranoid Ristevski" had with his family and friends after her disappearance on June 29, 2016. 

In the recorded conversations he said it wasn't up to him to clear his name and in another he said he knew "they were listening."

Later that year he got his daughter Sarah's boyfriend to buy him a new SIM card, and then another one in February 2017. 

Police also bugged his house, recorded his daughter asking him why he's not telling the police where he went.

“What’s that got to do with the fact they haven’t looked anywhere else,” Ristevski replied.

He added: “They don’t give a f---.”

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