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Rescue Helicopter Forced To Refuel Before Continuing Search

Five pig hunters trapped by floodwaters in the Whitsundays are waiting for rescue after one of their mums called Queensland police for help.

Undesirable weather conditions have forced the rescue helicopter to make multiple attempts to land - and at one stage was forced to return to Proserpine to refuel and wait for the weather to clear. 

The RACQ CQRescue copter begun its latest trip back towards the search area at Bogie, near Bowen, just after 12:30pm local time. 

The men, all aged in their 20s, were heading home after an overnight pig hunt when massive rains brought their ute to a halt on the only road out.

One of the men sent a message to his mum, who told police that water was rising around the ute on Tondara Road at Bogie, west of Airlie Beach, about 8am on Thursday.

They managed to escape the car before it was swept away but are now stranded. A helicopter has been dispatched to look for them.

They cannot be reached by road due to flooding caused by former cyclone Penny, now a low that dumped up to 432mm of rain in the area within eight hours on Thursday.

Flood warnings remain for parts of Queensland as the ex-cyclone continues to wreak havoc with heavy rainfall.

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