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Not Everyone's Happy About Uber's Win In Queensland

Queensland's taxi industry is incensed at Uber's approval, with some cabbies considering legal action against the government over inadequate compensation.

The state government has announced ride-sharing services will be legal from September 5, with a $100 million package to help with a smooth transition.

Existing taxi licence holders will be compensated $20,000 per licence, capped at two per individual.

While Uber says the arrangements are a sensible outcome and great for consumers, cabbies aren't happy.

Taxi Council Queensland has labelled the government's review into ride-sharing as a "farce", while Gold Coast Cabs may take legal action because company-held taxi licences have been excluded from compensation arrangements.

Gold Coast Cabs CEO Gordana Blazevic said "a large percentage" of cab licence owners in her region were held under company names and Gold Coast Cabs alone holds 21 taxi licences.

"The potential for legal action over this is quite significant. What's the difference between a licence being owned by an individual, a company or a trust when you've bought a plate from the government in good faith?" she said.

Taxi Council Queensland Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Wash said a "multi-national bully" had successfully entered the market through intimidation.

"If taxi regulations can be ignored so can all regulations and no law-abiding small business is now safe from large corporate blackmail," he said.

But Uber said the reforms would deliver good outcomes for ride-sharing services, the taxi industry and consumers.

"It enshrines rank and hail for the taxi industry, gives them a monopoly on that work for the future but also allows ride-sharing to grow," he said.


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