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Qld Woman 'Hacked Body, Dumped Torso'

A Queensland woman cut off her de facto partner's head, hands and legs not as his murderer but rather a victim of his abuse, her defence lawyer claims.

A jury is set to decide if Lindy Yvonne Williams was a cold, calculated killer or a domestic violence sufferer whose panic after Mr Gerbic's accidental death led her to dump his torso, set it alight and concoct an elaborate story about his whereabouts.

Both sides of her Brisbane Supreme Court murder trial have agreed the 60-year-old is a liar.

She deceived family and friends for 10 months by sending messages from Mr Gerbic's email and phone after he died, telling people he was overseas.

She was covering up his violent death at her hands, crown prosecutor Todd Fuller QC told the court, leading to her to purchasing an electric saw 10 days after his death.

"Ten days (after his death), this lady purchases a saw," Mr Fuller said in his closing submission on Wednesday.

"This isn't a panicked act immediately after an event, because throughout this time she's dealing with all the friends, she's sending some emails and making conscious decisions about what she's going to do.

"She's covering up something she has to cover up."

Williams' defence lawyer Simon Lewis did not dispute Mr Fuller's account of her actions after Mr Gerbic's September 2013 death, describing them as irrelevant to whether she killed him.

"Did Lindy Williams cause the death of George Gerbic? Yep," Mr Lewis said.

"Did she lie about it? Yep. Did she dismember his body as best she could with a saw bought from Bunnings 10 days after? Yep."

Williams claimed Mr Gerbic hit his head on a kitchen benchtop after slipping on blood from a cut on her arm he had inflicted with a steak knife, while she tried to defend herself with a bar stool, during a fight.

She had pleaded guilty to interfering with a corpse after admitting to dumping his remains on the side of a road and setting it alight 80km from their Sunshine Coast home.

But she has denied cutting up his body and said she did not know who did - a claim Mr Lewis admitted was "rubbish" and Mr Fuller labelled "a most outrageous lie".

Mr Lewis described Mr Gerbic's death as a terrible accident likely caused by Williams defending herself.

"But then the lies start," Mr Lewis said.

"Is it a cover up of a murder or just the cover up of somebody whose life has gone to hell in a handbasket?"

He said her cover-up was sparked by stress and confusion, not guilt.

Determining the cause of Mr Gerbic's death has been impossible given only his charred torso had been located.

Mr Fuller asked the jury to disregard her account.

He suggested her arm injury was self-inflicted, also pointing to Williams' inconsistent accounts about being attacked regarding how she used the bar stool.

"You couldn't rely on anything that anything she says in that police interview," Mr Fuller said.

"She's moved from 'I hit him with the bar stool' to 'I tried to hit him with the bar stool'.

"In the scenario we're talking about, is that more of a clue she's making it up?"

The jury is expected to retire to consider its verdict when Justice Peter Flanagan finishes summing up on Thursday.


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