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QLD Toddler To Receive Miracle Surgery From Kind Strangers

At just three years old, William Dickinson faced the possibility of living life with an amputated leg.

But due to the generosity of strangers, he is instead about to travel to the USA with his family for surgery that will save him from that horror. 

The Gold Coast native suffers from Congenital Pseudathorsis, which impacts the bone growth in his right leg. 

In Australia the only option would have been amputation, however a surgeon in Florida gave the family new hope with a limb reconstruction procedure. 

Only downfall? 

The procedure costs $185,000. 

But through sheer persistence and support from the community they have now reached that goal, meaning the family will (hopefully) see their son walk, run and play like any able-bodied young boy. 

Last year William's mother, Aimee, told Yahoo that all she wanted was "to see him walk comfortably, unaided and be with his friends and run".

"Like all his friends do.

"It'd just be like winning the lotto."

And now that pipe dream looks to become a reality. 

William and Aimee will head to Florida next month where the nine hour procedure will be performed. 

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