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QLD Parents Fear Losing Chance To Find Son

Slain Queensland man Timothy Pullen was likely reduced to ashes after his body was cremated near a remote farmhouse, the parole board has heard.

Stephen Renwick is serving a five-year jail sentence for disposing of Mr Pullen's corpse near Collinsville, west of Airlie Beach, after he was killed in April 2012.

Mr Pullen's remains have never been found despite two searches led by Renwick since in 2016.

Renwick is now making a bid to be released from prison at the state's first public parole hearing since the introduction of the No Body, No Parole laws.

The parole board was told on Friday that Renwick eventually revealed to police in September 2017 that Mr Pullen's body was wrapped in plastic, covered in logs and burnt.

Renwick also used diesel to accelerate the fire, which he believed burned for up to 90 minutes.

Barrister Josh Fenton said Renwick had done his best to recall the exact location of Mr Pullen's remains in a gully near a farmhouse.

Mr Fenton said mobile phone tower records showed Renwick had been in the general area where he had led police the night he cremated Mr Pullen.

"The tragic fact is the body has been reduced to such microscopic levels that it cannot be seen by the human eye," Mr Fenton said.

"He's doing his best to co-operate satisfactorily in the circumstance."

Mr Fenton said Cyclone Debbie passed directly over the Collinsville area in late March 2017, meaning any remains were likely washed away.

Renwick could be granted parole if the board finds he has made sufficient efforts to identify the location of Mr Pullen.

Earlier on Friday, Mr Pullen's parents Leanne and Gary Pullen said they were apprehensive about Renwick's hearing.

"If for some reason he is released on parole, well that's probably our last, our chances of ever finding Tim I believe will be gone," Mrs Pullen said.


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