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Qld Drivers Could Be Forced To Resit Their Drivers Test

Queensland drivers could find themselves resitting their drivers test.

The RACQ are calling for motorists to be retested every five years under a proposal submitted to the State Government.

It would bring the tests in line with licence renewals.

According to the RACQ the proposal has received support from 53 per cent of members surveyed. A further 30 per cent were unsure, while just 16.5 percent were against it.

Talking to The Courier Mail, the RACQ’s Steve Spalding said the proposed policy was about “improving driver education” and the renewal shouldn’t be made dependant on the outcome.

“We want to put minds at rest, that’s not the approach we are seeking,” he said.

“While there will always be the core road rules, new ones come in.

“People who have been driving for some years may be unaware of some of them.”

Motorists would not be forced to redo their practical exams, but instead do the tests online or on paper.

However, Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey isn’t jumping on the idea just yet.

“Driver retesting has been considered previously,” he told The Courier Mail.

“However, there is no proven link between compulsory retesting for every licence holder and improved safety outcomes.”

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