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Parents Devastated After Son's Testes Frozen For Girlfriend

The parents of a man who had his testes removed for his fiancé to use, have revealed their devastation.

When Tony Deane died unexpectedly in a Toowoomba hospital in April, his girlfriend applied to have his testes removed and frozen.

The application was approved by the Supreme Court, so that Leith Patteson could one day use his sperm to fall pregnant.

It was a request that left his parents devastated and vowing to fight any future court applications for Ms Patteson to use the sperm.

According to the ABC, the court’s decision had to be made immediately or the tissue would have been unusable.

His mother, Gaye Deane, said the decision was a “big slap in the face” and she hadn’t been given enough time to consider.

"As I was driving into the funeral home driveway I had a call from the police,” she said.

"That was the first time I had actually really known that [Ms Patteson] had made an application for Tony's sperm.”

Mr Deane’s parents, who are from New Zealand, were told if they gave their consent to the removal Ms Patteson wouldn’t contest having his body returned home.

The couple first met online in September last year, with Mr Deane moving to Queensland a month later when the pair became engaged.

According to friends, they had already tried to conceive and were “ecstatic” when they thought Ms Patteson was pregnant.

However, his mother says she didn’t think he would want his sperm to be used after his passing.

"I believe that Tony would not have wanted a child brought into this world if he could not be there to raise it." 

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