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Parents Left Furious by This Strange Homework Assessment

Parents are furious and have hit out at a school for giving year 10 students an assignment asking them for the ‘best way to sell illegal drugs.’ 

Telling 3AW, one father has said students of Rosehill Secondary College in Melbourne were asked to ‘design and market narcotics.’ With the aim of the assessment ‘to create the packaging for an illegal drug of your choice.'

According to Daily Mail Australia, the assignment, which was littered with grammatical errors, asked students to come up with a street price for the drug and tell users how to take it.

The father, who is remaining anonymous, told 3AW, “[My son] started doing the maths on it and told me how much he could make,”


“I found it very absurd. He was asking me questions like "I thought drugs were bad, is this meant to tell us they're good?"

“He was asking me the cost of drugs and I couldn't answer. It's not like we have drug dealers in our home to call and ask these absurd questions.   

“I was honestly disgusted.” 

Principal of Rosehill Secondary College, Peter Rouse, has told Daily Mail that he has ‘mixed feelings on the project’ but it will be cancelled. 

“We have a strong anti-drug policy in the school. Given parents' concerns we will be ending the project.” He said.

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