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Aussie Agency Rejects Job Seeker For This Disgusting Reason

A Sydney based ad agency, Banjo Advertising, has been receiving some pretty unflattering attention after they made an epic blunder this week.

When senior executive Surungi Emily Hohol applied for a job with the agency she was told they already had enough brown people working for them.

How does something like this happen in a professional capacity in 2016?

Ms Hohol took to Facebook to voice her outrage, "Direct quote: ‘The client might be alarmed by having three brown skin people attend a meeting’,”she was told.

“Seriously what is wrong with people … I’m livid and seriously irritated by this."

The agency in question is insisting the whole thing is an unfortunate misunderstanding but an emergency meeting was called this morning to deal with the subsequent fallout.

Banjo chief executive Andrew Varasdi said, "The senior staff member, who conducted what was a very positive interview, made a casual remark at the end of the interview, which was intended to set the person at ease. Unfortunately it was taken out of context and has since gained some notoriety on social media.

“There has been a lot of media attention on the issue of equality — including race, gender and sexual orientation, and age — in recent times and we acknowledge that emotions can run high.”

Banjo went on to say that the agency had a record of hiring from a diverse pool of talent and employed staff of “all ages, genders and ethnicities”, and that women held half of its senior management positions."

Source news.com

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