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One Of Dreamworld's Iconic Rides Has Been Reopened!

Riding the Rocky Hollow Log Ride used to be a staple for most families who visited Dreamworld since the park first opened 35 years ago. 

And now fans can relive those memories, with the ride being reopened. 

One major change however, are the overhead canopies which have been added as an additional safety measure. 

The log ride was closed throughout 2017 to improve and refresh the ride.

On 16 April 2016 an accident occurred which left a 19 year old with hip, rib and ankle fractures after being launched from the flume ride and almost drowning. 

He also contracted pneumonia at the time. 

But the ride was reopened four days later after being given the all clear from Worksafe Queensland. 

The log ride was then shut down indefinitely after the tragic incident in late October 2016, where four people died after an accident that occured on the Thunder River Rapids Ride. 

A second ride has reopened this week after finally receiving the all clear from workplace health and safety.

One of the big thrill rides that Dreamworld is known from, the wipeout, is also fully functional. 

This means all 9 big thrill rides are back in operation. 

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